Good Game (Documentary)
The Interview (Short Film)
Catching Up (Short Film)
Extraction (Short Film)
Watashi Wa (Documentary)
Waiting for Warcraft (Short Film)
Love and Light: The Art and Music of Starroot (Short Documentary)
All Good Stories (Short Film)

Other Credits:

I frequently work outside my own writing and directing projects. Credits listed in reverse chronological order:

A Random Act (narrative short, 2013) - Script Supervisor
Running In Place (narrative short, 2012) - Script Supervisor
The Funeral (narrative short, 2011) - Script Supervisor
02:15 (narrative short, 2011) - Wardrobe Supervisor
Liberty Road (narrative short, 2011) - Script Supervisor
Drainpipe Dreams (narrative short, 2011) - Wardrobe Supervisor
I'm Starting to Wonder (music video, 2010) - Script Supervisor
Frenemies (narrative short, 2010) - Script Supervisor
Man With a Bolex Movie Camera (narrative short, 2010) - Script Supervisor
Locked Gates/Lonely Roads (music video, 2010) - Script Supervisor
Surviving Me (feature film, 2010) - Second Unit Wardrobe Supervisor
Stage Fright (webseries, 2010) - Writer/Production Designer/Script Supervisor/Editor
I Can Live With That (industrial short, 2010) - Script Supervisor
On The Wrong Side of a Loaded Gun (narrative short, 2009) - 1st AD/Editor
Dustin (narrative short, 2009) - Script Supervisor
The Dead Ones (feature film, 2009) - Assistant Script Supervisor
Below the Beltway (feature film, 2009) - Set Costumer
Up Hill (documentary short, 2008) - Cinematographer/Editor
Cookies (narrative short, 2009) - 1st A.D.

Script Supervisor for Commercials:

Under Armour/Dick's Sporting Goods "Training All Year" for Tightshirt Productions
Duke's Mayonnaise "Lights, Camera, Duke's" for The Branching
Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery "How'd You Make This?" for Butler Films
Maryland Lottery "Five Card Cash" for HSI Productions
Yuengling five ads for Protagonist Films
Wal-Mart "Downey Unstoppables" for Spang TV
MJC Preakness "Kegasus" for Butler Films
Ocean City, MD "Thanks Rodney" for Working Stiff Productions
Marriott "Fairfield Inn and Suites" for Backyard Productions

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